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The 'Blue and Gray' Division


August 22, 1999

I'm 29 years old,
from ,GB.

The 116th Regimental Combat Team of the US 29th Division was the first allied unit to come shore on D-Day. It was composed largely of National Guardsmen, part-time volunteer reservists whose courage and fighting spirit quickly earned the respect of the professional soldiers that fought alongside and against them.

The ordeal of the assault companies of the 116th was graphically portrayed in the 1998 movie 'saving private ryan',and the horrific scenes on the beach are taken directly from veteran's accounts. Led by the Assistant Divisional Commander, Brg. Gen. Norman D. Cota, elements of Company C, 116th were the first to make it off the beach through the murderous German fire.

The memory of these brave men is kept alive by the 29th Historical Association and by the various reenactment units across the globe.
The members of Charlie Company come from all walks of life and all areas of the UK. We are a part of the 29th 'Blue and Gray' Division based in the USA, there is also a vey strong contingent of 29er's in North Western France, who visit Britain several times a year to take part in events.

The Original 29th in action, Normandy 1944

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    Includes a complete history of the division in English and French


    29th Historical Association site
    Veteran's stories Normandy and much more


    116th Regimental Museum site in Staunton, Virginia USA
    Tracing the unit's ancestry back thru' the Civil War and beyond

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